News & Views on Indian Real Estate

Monday, December 03, 2007

North v/s South – the realty market war.

“South is a relatively better market than North” – says a research report by the global financial services Citigroup. In an article on one of the leading economic daily, Southern property market is a better player than the North based on parameters like price environment and demand potential.
Cues could be taken from the fact that massive real estate projects are coming up in smaller cities like Kochi – apart from metros lie Chennai and Bangalore

However, one of the major North Indian real estate player – Parsvnath Developers believes otherwise. According to their chairman, per capita income of North is more than South, so is the demand of end users. Afterall, this claim is backed by many mega projects in Mohali, Gurgaon and other major centers.

Yet again, there is a competition for the top slot – not just amongst countries but within different regions of the country. As long as the competition is healthy, who’s complaining? It will further streamline the whole real estate market of the country.