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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Americans like investing in India.

American investors as a safer bet are pouring in their money in Indian property market. In an article in one of the economic daily, many large American funds have invested in the Indian Real estate market in past. The best part of these funds is that they have been able to earn expected returns.

The mid sized funds are now experimenting by investing in the Indian real estate market. The past experiences of American funds investing in India have proved to be an attraction for more people outside India.

pourush said...

bt isnt it high time our own desi investment strength show its true colors?!..coz however you put it, the american investors pull out now n then n its a bore now watching the market tumbling down as a reaction.
Perhaps its time for the 'strong fundamentals' tht our FM keeps talkin abt to come out to the fore.

Anonymous said...

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