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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Indian Realtors Positive, Despite The Crisis

The collapse of the Lehman Brothers and the buyout of Merill Lynch have not become a reason to frown for Indian realtors, as they are putting up a brave front and maintaining that there will be no impact on the real estate sector of the country. Lehman Brothers filing for bankruptcy will impact those Indian realty operators who have not structured their agreement carefully, according to Mr. Sanjay Dutt, joint Managing Director, Cushman & Wakefield. He does not foresee a situation where projects would get shelved. "Most of the funds that were committed have been delivered." Mr. Dutt is of the opinion that if projects get shelved it is mostly because of changing market dynamics and not because of a lack of liquidity. Experts think that in a bid to de-risk, these investment bankers would trade their private equity placements. India is still a growth story and as far as the real estate investment is concerned it is very attractive from a long-term perspective.

Bhaskar said...

You are insightful!

Pawan said...

They will always remain positive till some of them go bust themselves.

Hitesh Mamgain said...

The brave face of the Reality developer is a mask. I had a discussion with a Banker and he mentioned that tightening of the lending markets is in process. Where as it will have negative impact in High end consumer goods it will also definitely have an impact in Housing.
However in India real estate is a lucrative outlet for converting black money to white money and hence most of the smaller builders (not the listed ones) will try and keep the price the same. It is then up to the bigger (listed) companies to bring down the price as they see interest on the loans accumulating

Anonymous said...

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