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Monday, August 04, 2008

Realtors invest heavily in Advertising

Looking at the slowdown in the realty market, real estate players have increased their advertising budgets. Developers are using many different promotional strategies to be high on recall value. "It's a do or die situation out there due to high recession in the market. Many developers are buying back their projects and re-selling. It is necessary to make a noise at this time to keep the projects on high visibility radar for those who actively trade on the real estate. The print media is taking up the major chunk while the rest goes to the outdoor media. Out of a scale of 10, together, advertising in print and outdoor could be rated as seven," said Noshe Oceanic President, Mr. Asheesh Sethi.

rehaan said...

How will spending on advertisements help the real estate industry/realtors?

Anonymous said...

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