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Monday, June 23, 2008

Kolkata heating up

The real-estate market in Kolkata has been largely unaffected by the soaring inflation and the US economic crisis. While the sales and price figures in other metros and cities have shown signs of cooling down, the prices in Kolkata have increased by 7-10 per cent over the last four months. The city has managed to avoid a crisis because prices here had never reached ‘unrealistic’ proportions. Kolkata’s real-estate market is also relatively stabilized since the number of speculative investors here is much less compared with end-users.

mansih said...

This is really unbelievable that real estate market of kolkata is not affected by the inflation in the whole country.

Rajani said...

Realty heat is affecting complete india.

vikas said...

high interest rate and shortage of funds effects real estate maeket.

Anonymous said...

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