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Monday, April 21, 2008

What makes a property HOT?

Is it the right price for the property? Perhaps this is the question that keeps on creeping in people's mind ever since they make up their mind to buy or sell a property. It is quite necessary to spot the right price for making a successful real estate transaction but it is some how difficult . Neither any rule of thumb nor a scientific technique is there to help! So, how to get a good deal? People are advised to believe their own instinct but cautiously. Some things which one should keep in mind to reach the decent levels of property-valuation and deal are:

  1. Good quality roads around and within the society add value to the property.
  2. Value depends on the profile of the location where the property is situated.
  3. Connectivity with bus depot, railway station and airport is equally important from buyer's point of view. In fact, property in vicinity to these facilities makes sound investment proposition.
  4. People avoid locations that are closer or are known as riot prone area or communally polarized.
  5. Not to mention, green surroundings, civic amenities like safe drinking water, uninterrupted power supply and systematic drainage system are the first preferences of the buyer.

As valuation of property is a process, all the above discussed factors go hand in hand with perception of quality.

' said...

there are many factors for becoming a property to hot
1-it should be in a good location
2-Near to all facilities like school,hospital,transport,market etc,

Rajani said...

Along with that,

1.good surroundings

2.Good chance of resale price acquirement.

Anonymous said...

Reason being may be the forthcoming 2010 commonwealth games.It could be the main reason of increasing of the Real estate growth

Vikas Bamotra said...

I think overall infrastructure help to increase the prices of property. As Bangalore is a It hub and you can see the growth rate of Bangalore properties.

Anonymous said...

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