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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Residential Enclaves on the Lines of SEZs Proposed To Beat Slowdown

There is good news for all the people who have been disappointed seeing the recent hike in property prices. Since, houses have become unaffordable for a large segment of the population as prices have shot up tremendously in the past three years. The government is considering a proposal from real estate developers to set up SRZs outside the main cities. These SRZs are also proposed to be given tax benefits on the lines of SEZs. Developers say SRZs would help them build and sell affordable houses for as low as one-third of the existing price to low-income groups, although SRZs wouldn’t be limited to low-income houses alone. Availability of cheap land away from the city, and faster clearance through singlewindow will together bring down cost substantially. The government would require time to devise the modalities as tax incentives to SRZs would mean an additional burden on the exchequer. It will also require some implementation of regulation by government to ensure that the houses go to the intended people. This proposal once implemented will be a great move in up beating the slowdown and in meeting the acute housing shortage in the low-income segment.

' said...

SRZ is good idea for the peoples who want to make their home in NCR,Now a days the price of properties in NCR are very high but in SRZ there would be affordable prices for houses

Rajani said...

SRZ will definitely make housing affordable

Anonymous said...

Dear Rajani and Manish This place is SEZ not SRZ.Yes that is very good place in the Delhi,NCR area

vikas bamotra said...

SRZ (special residential zone) will help buyers to get their dream houses at cheap prices.

Anonymous said...

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