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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Real Estate Investment World India 2008 to be held in Mumbai

With less than a week away, 'Real Estate Investment World India (REIW) 2008 conference will be held from April 28-30 in Mumbai. The three-day long forum will serve as a key platform to map out opportunities within India's property sector. REIW India 2008 is a world-class conference that allows industry luminaries within the Indian real estate market to meet, network and conduct business. Participants at this established platform can look to penetrate the complex and multi-faceted Indian property sector, refine their portfolio management and investment strategies while forging rewarding joint-venture partnerships.

Rajani said...

such events help indian real estate to become greater and greater.

' said...

now the foreigners also be aware about Indian real estate and will motivate for investing here.

Vikas Bamotra said...

Such kind of event give the chance to meet clients to ONE location.

Anonymous said...

This kind of event should be held time to time at every places through which we can view the Real estate level at the extempt track level which show the property market growth and the fourthcoming parts in the Real estae view as clearly.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog it’s excellent…

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