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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fengshui for a better home.....

Acquiring a property is one of the most important decisions anyone can make in a lifetime. Buying or selling real estate can be so overwhelming, especially, when you don’t know what property to choose or what to do when searching for a new home. Selling a home, scouting out a new location for a business, or buying multiple properties is when you should not only hire a qualified real estate agent, but a Feng Shui expert as well. Yet; the optimal time to call in a Feng Shui expert is even before a home is built.

Some people say they have a gut feeling when they find the right property; they just know they’re at home. But, why not have some basis to form that feeling. Your gut is probably a good indication that you’re on the right track and the property is the right choice for you; nevertheless, the placement and direction of the home or business, in question, can be analyzed before a purchase is made. This gives you more than a gut feeling; it gives you choice information.

A lot of Feng Shui problems can be prevented in the planning stage. Before committing designs onto paper, Feng Shui Real Estate can consult with you on optimising the flow of beneficial energy throughout your home or development. The result can be more profitable for you, as the character of your venture will improve; thereby drawing increased favourable consideration from potential buyers.

And if you are a real estate agent, we can show you a completely new insight into the dynamics of various properties. Have you had properties that were slow or difficult to sell? Or deals that have collapsed because your buyers have brought in a Feng Shui consultant who advised them against purchasing? Feng Shui Real Estate can be used as an additional resource to troubleshoot such situations by providing solution-focused recommendations.

Feng Shui as a science can affect the physical, mental, emotional and the spiritual level of an individual. If at the physical level, it relates to the changing in the placement of objects, it can help you achieve mental stability and progress emotionally. And once the emotional balance is created, one can evolve spiritually to the higher self. Experts highlighting the importance of Feng Shui also state that --Feng Shui as an art can help you progress but it can't change your destiny, unless you work hard to achieve it. Feng Shui is not just placement of articles in the house but it is also connected to your entire well-being.The Chinese exponents of Feng-Shui believe that where you live and how you allocate and arrange the elements of your home or workplace can significantly affect the harmony of your health, wealth, and happiness. Many of Feng Shui's precepts are based on sound practical sense, others seem to be merely a matter of convention, while for some people Feng Shui lies beyond any rational explanation.

It considers four factors: the Chi or "breath of life" potential of the neighborhood; the site orientation or the importance of the direction in which the building faces; the five elements -- fire, water, wood, metal, earth -- and their mutual influence upon a location; the power of water and its significance in relation to the property.

If you acknowledge and understand the all-pervasive life energy (Chi), you can affect the whole tenor of your well-being. Simple things like placing your furniture the wrong way, using wrong colours, and elemental conflicts (i.e. having the water 'refrigerator' next to the fire 'stove', can create factors that impact negatively on your life.

Is it a Superstition? It really doesn't matter. What does matter is that if you are a builder it behooves you to know Feng-Shui as it relates to building. Whether you believe in it or not, feng-shui is seen by millions as an ancient science full of philosophy and practical wisdom.

Nikhil said...

can anyone tell me the difference between feng shui and Vaastu?? Nancy y dont u add on to this...

vikas bamotra said...

Feng Shui (meaning Wind and Water in Chinese) is the ancient art of placement to promote harmony, wealth, success and health. Feng Shui deals with the location and architecture of buildings, along with interior design and exterior landscaping. A working knowledge of Feng Shui may even help in home selling and home buying in today's multicultural world.

Vaastu, is the ancient Indian system of harnessing the positive energy of the environment to benefit those living there. Vaastu uses a complex, 3-layer grid system to provide the best layout for your home, office or commercial site. An ideal house, according to Vaastu, is a perfectly square house, with a central courtyard. Get more information on these ancient subjects from the books, articles and websites gathered here.

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