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Monday, February 25, 2008

Go Green.........

Recently I came across an article which mentioned that eco-friendly buildings are becoming the new fashion of the Indian real estate sector. This silent revolution in India is being led by the IT industry. Due to the exponential growth of the IT sector and IT enabled services; there is huge demand for ultra modern, sophisticated and eco-friendly office spaces through out the country.

Being finally bored of the sick building syndrome “a combination of ailments associated with place of work or residence”, many Indian developers have started looking ways to go green with buildings designs- be in commercial or residential sector. Given the astronomical rise in fuel prices in the past few years, it's no surprise that energy efficiency is the top reason consumers choose green building these days.

A green building can be termed so only if it meets certain strict parameters set by international leaders in the field like Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED). According to their criteria – a green building must perform well in the field of sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, material selection and indoor environment quality.

The green building movement has its roots in the environmental and architectural design arenas. The initial goals of the movement were to change building construction and operations practices to reduce the environmental footprint of the overall built environment. Many economic development practitioners in towns and cities across the globe acknowledge that environmental stewardship is not only the ‘the right thing to do’, it is a valuable tool for marketing communities to a public that has become more environmental conscious.

An emphasis on green building reflects a level of progressive leadership and ecological responsibility that can be attractive to individuals and businesses seeking quality locations to live work and play. Some of the economic development benefits of green building are-increased property value, rapid lease out than conventional building, easy recruitment of employees, helping reduce employee turnover and further leading to increased employee productivity, helping in building a positive public image, etc.Will this step leave a footprint in conserving the planet?

Anonymous said...

Very insightful post there Nancy! Especially given the times we're living in- with global warming knocking on our doors. It's even more important to create eco-friendly spaces to live in.

bhavdeep said...

^ Global warming is not knocking at our doors...it has already started. By time we need an initiative from every individual. It is certainly good to know about eco-friendly buildings..never saw this coming as "fashion". Just imagine a living or working place without greenery...it's mere a concrete jungle.

Small steps like these could certainly make a difference.

Nikhil Bathla -Freaky-Flirt said...

You are right Bhavdeep its always good to have eco-friendly buildings,rather i beleive this point is getting so much important that developers who will offer eco-friendly buildings at this point of time can surely make huge bucks. I guess all the developers reading this blog should think of developing an eco friendly building and market it across at premium,since its just the beginning.Be a LEader and develop a new product at right time and sell it across to right people,Thats the overall mantra of every business.

Anonymous said...

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