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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Out of the Box.....

I guess my dear friend - Nancy ( Realty Rider- the owner of the blog) has done a lot of talking about the Indian Real Estate sector.She has been into the Real Estate Consultancy profession for more than 7 years. The effort put in by her in pointing out each and every factor which affected this sector and has been responsible for ups and downs in the sector is commendable.

The other day i was searching for all these factors on various media channels available on the online world.I could make out that there are few common factors which have been revolving around all the content generated by various users.

I asked Nancy to look out for something new which can make your readers and fans thrilled. I guess you support my view point...Do you ???

I guess a lot many people write the same thing keeping in mind the keywords which are being searched the most on popular search engines.They i guess do it just to make their article search engine friendly and to drive maximum traffic.Well forget it ...W are not here for that,we just want to exchange views and to keep everyone abreast of the latest happenings in the Indian Real Estate sector.

I think I have diverted from the path and forgot the motto of building this blog, instead of talking something about Indian Real estate news and updates i started writing on common habits of bloggers.

Have we ever tried to inquire where do all that money go which we give in to Life Insurance Companies like LIC? Well i came across a recent article stating that LIC is planning to invest the premium collected from people like us into India real estate.

LIC provides advice on property purchase. The insurer is thinking of adding new locations in future along with developing plots at Kolkata, Jaipur, Chennai, Kanpur and Ahmadabad.

The state-run insurer aims to collect first premium income of Rs 52,000 crore this year.
It has targeted a total investment of Rs 1, 17,000 crore for the current fiscal compared with Rs 90,000 crore last year.

These steps by a big Insurance organization of pumping in huge bucks in the Indian Real Sector must have come after a lot of deep research.Can this decision by LIC make Big Time investors/financiers take out money from other financial products and invest into the Indian Real Estate market?