News & Views on Indian Real Estate

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Do Blogs help much or informative seminars?

Lately in my few of the blog posts I have mentioned quite a lot on the Indian real estate scenario. I also discussed few of the properties which I felt were good to be a part of one’s Real Estate portfolio, discussions on the right time, right place and the nature of property (residential, Commercial, Industrial etc) which one should go in for, how one can raise extra margin by flipping properties, the Indian stock market and the fluctuations in the fed rate and US economy affecting the Indian Real Estate sector.

I also made it a point to mention the benefits of investing in the Indian Real Estate market instead of investing in some other developing or developed country. It was a highly appreciable effort from my friend Nikhil’s end who gave insights on the leasing market and shared few of his experiences. The mentioning of the revolving of Black Money in the economy as well as how the boom is getting spread to the tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. The list is really long…if we try to find out factors affecting the Indian Real Sector...Then this blog post will be a mile long…..

I wonder how come the Axiom Estates team was able to specify, talk and throw light upon all the factors affecting the Indian Real Estate scenario in one of the seminar organized by them recently at Chicago – Illinois. It was a wonderful experience all together.

Still one has an option to visit and listen to these professionals at Long Island on 16th February 2008 and at Seattle on 17th February 2008.