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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Innovation – The need of the hour.

People who are marketing their products are fighting hard to promote their brand and prove it to be better than competitors. In every sector the customer looks in for much more than what was being delivered last time to them. There is always a demand for something new. That’s the reason why every marketer is busy exploring new things and trying hard to be an opportunist. The Indian real estate market has also seen such types of situations where real estate developers have tried and tested new techniques for marketing their product.

The new marketing strategy followed by Mr Sumit Dabriwala, a Kolkata-based developer is a good and a new step which no other developer has done so far. He has collaborated with Home Solutions Retail (a Pantaloon Retail subsidiary). FH Residences is the joint venture named as. Mr Sumit Dabriwala is looking to market its 2 & 3 bed-room "walk-in" apartments through Future Group stores such as Big Bazaar. Home Solutions Retail will provide the brown and white goods required to furnish these apartments. FH Residences is also looking to advertise its apartments in Future Group malls. Is their any new thing which you have come across in the industry, then please share.

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