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Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008- Indian Real Estate -Boom or bubble

Forecasting future is called speculation. In real estate business forecasting on future property prices and cashing on it is profitable and it can be risky too. Extra caution is required from the beginner’s end. Taking advice from other investors and well renowned Real Estate consultants will also help minimize mistakes. Following tips can help in going smoothly.

  • If you are planning to invest and speculate for a higher price then need to look around the neighborhood of the property you are investing in. Try to find out if any development in near future could hike the value of the property.
  • Think of buying the property only if you want to hold for an indefinite period.
  • Plan wisely. Weigh the risk and calculate profits deducting all the taxes and fees that you would have to pay until the property is all yours.
  • Resist temptations of selling it early at the rise of prices. Do not wait for the price to rise to the highest point.
  • If possible go for investing in distressed properties such as pre-foreclosure homes, or foreclosure homes, and so on.
  • Always try buying multiple properties that are cheap instead holding on to one and wait for its price to escalate.
  • Being a novice, do not go for pre-construction buying. Supposing the construction does not take place at all or is stopped half way through you would be in a dilemma. Do not go for rumors in the market. Because at such times you may commit mistakes by selling good deals and keeping bad ones for bad times.
  • Learn to bear small losses for big gains in future.
  • Don’t take big risk for small profit.
  • Selling when the markets are inactive may prove a big loss. Go by the trend rather than blind speculation.
  • Always be handy with finance. You may miss the opportunity of getting homes at reduced prices.
  • When the markets are going against your prediction try not to ride on your emotions but plan with good defense.
  • Don’t go on the stories because sometimes the market negates them.
  • Money management always helps at odd times.