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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Indian Property Market – what lies ahead.

A few quick facts about the country:

India is the seventh largest country by geographical area, the second most populous country, the most popular liberal democracy in the world, fourth largest economy in the world and the second fastest growing economy. Some 80,000 Indians today have liquid assets greater than 5 crores and this number is increasing by 13 % a year.

Among other things, one of the noticeable recent developments has been in the field of Real Estate. The country’s consumption-driven growth of economy and emergence as a hub for global outsourcing is contributing to its new found real estate investment image. According to well known source India’s large cities boasts 400 -500 house listed at 5 crores+. Upcoming glitzy shopping malls, entertainment centers, luxury hotels and multiplexes, premium housing solutions validate this. Foreign Investment in various sectors like Wal Mart in retail is already fueling the demand for commercial property.

Earlier, when India was a closed economy with lots of government control and intervention, the interest rates for house loan used to be as high as 18% per annum. But the gradual liberalization and subsequent opening up of the domestic market, unrestricted flow of FDI and full current account convertibility of Indian currency brought down the PLR (prime lending rate) substantially. The growth was initially fuelled and subsequently sustained mainly by cheap housing loans. Also, with the increase in the income level of Indian middle class, they are considerably investing in new property in prime metro as well as tire II cities like Kochi and Mohali.

Despite all these giant leaps forward, India's property market remains unorganized and underdeveloped. In the absence of clear title to property, the risk of litigation is high. Especially for those foreign investors who invest in India via real estate investment trusts, there are no rules on the marking of their stakes to market or on whether they must pay stamp duty on transactions.

Keeping these problems faced by NRIs in mind, leading India Property Service Provider, Axiom Estates announced its India-Property consultation division to provide UK residents with helpful professional services locally in the UK. Physical presence apart, their website – www.axiomestates.com - serves as the hub for listing the new properties. All these information are backed up with manual assistance right from consultation, loans to the actual acquisition.

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